My experience with Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2018 – Priya Singh, Finalist

Life wasn’t bad, things were stable, my business,my plans and my family… but as they say, ‘ variety is the spice of life’ and so wanted to try something new, an alluring experience….

To be frank ,Never had I planned to experiment in the field of beauty and glamour till I saw a face book ad and registered it, auditions went fine but orientation was fab…. where else would I get an opportunity to meet beautiful ladies all over India and abroad …

Yes haut monde gave an opportunity to grow, learn and make best utilisation of the opportunities in your already existing swamped schedules….

A platform which brings you closer to that one person , from where your life not only changes but flourishes , and that person is “U”. Be it a house wife, a mother , a working professional or a business woman there’s no such criteria to be a part of the pageant, just that you have to be a beautiful person, inside out.

Lastly , it’s rightly said, an independent woman does not care how you think beautiful she is, because she has an insane amount of confidence and ridiculously high spirits . 

I Thank Mr Bharat and his entire assiduous team for this marvellous platform.