Fitness Tips to be the Next Beauty Queen at the Pageant

Fitness Tips to be the Next Beauty Queen at the Pageant!

Being a contestant in a beauty pageant is tiring and pressurizing in it and on the top of it keeping yourself fit and fine is one of the excruciating jobs. Keeping in mind the pressure you go through and the pressure of upcoming beauty pageants in India, we have deduced some of the fitness tips from the beauty queens themselves.

1. Water is your bestie!

We stand with the major health experts and skin experts on this one, drinking lots of water is the best way to get a clear and supple skin. Plus keeping yourself hydrated means the low intake of calorie and high-intake of nutrition present in water. It is also a great way to detoxify yourself and removing all the unwanted substances from your body for a radiant beauty.

2. Stretch before you feed!

Start your day a little early because it is true after all ‘early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy and wise’. Give some time to little exercise or stretching before you start your day with a healthy meal. It will increase your body’s metabolism, minimizing the chance of weight gain and also gives you more energy for the whole day.

3. Don’t Skip meals specially Breakfast!

If you think that not eating will help you in reducing weight or getting fit then it is one of the biggest misconceptions you have. Never skip a meal, it lowers your metabolism that means the breakdown of carbs and fats get slower and they start to accumulate. Also, slower metabolism means lethargic feeling all day long. At the place of skipping meals eat healthily.

4. Say Yes to Strengh

Even if you are joining the gym for your special training for the beauty pageant or working out at home make sure to include strength and weight training in your regime. This particular regime of work out works on all your body, toning is one of the parts of this fitness regime. Strength and weight training strengthens your muscles and gives you the core power.

5. And Bye bye to Junk!

Eating junk food is the worst way to harm our body with all the unhealthy substances it includes. The high fat and salt content of junk food is not only risky for your heart it also affects the direct intake of fats and calorie. Chucking the junk food out of your diet plan and including healthy substitutes like salad will not only help you lose those extra pounds but also keep your gut fine resulting in that beautiful skin.

6. Cardio for glowing and getting it

Your strength and weight training are not enough to get those beautiful legs or toned tummy, including cardio to your regime will do the deed. As told by many experts running alone cannot make the change but including a whole body work out like Zumba etc. will work that body. These sessions are not only highly effective they are highly enjoyable as well. So keep your body in the best shape with these tips and tricks.

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is a competition that judges you on all the aspects of your personality but keeping yourself in good shape is not only going to help in the contest but also in the years to come.