My Journey with Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2018 – Mohini Patankar, Finalist

“Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide journey from audition till now has been transformative, introspective and truly amazing. It gave us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. This is the only contest for married women which takes them to a journey of rigor unmatched. (For almost 6 months post the audition and orientation)

I am entrepreneur by profession, marathon runner by passion, health and naturopathy enthusiast. I also love singing and dancing and have staged many performances. This platform has helped me work on my dreams and give them wings.

I believe nothing worth having comes easy and it is hard-work and determination that has always driven me to be the best at what I pursue.

Tasks for every facets of the competition, judging attributes from beauty, intelligence, social causes, media savviness, entrepreneurial ability, fitness etc. were provided helping us groom in each area. Haut Monde breaks the benchmark each year and attracts great talent. I got lot of opportunity to learn from each other and make good friends during this journey.

Social media outreach helped us to showcase our beauty, talent and purpose. Success is when you are recognized for what you are and the platform really gave me recognition. The support, love and encouragement I am getting is a success by itself.

The entire process of tasks, engagement and communication via emails, live videos, social media grooming tips, visa, flight and other travel bookings were flawlessly planned and executed.

Haut Monde has truly embraced “Beauty with Cause” and has helped me to contribute more to society than I myself would have expected in the past.

Now, I am more confident women who now knows a lot more about herself and is self-aware. Every tasks & competition has ignited a fire within me to do better and I will never give up on my dreams. I have become more positive and know hard-work and passion can take you to great heights and understand how it is important to have your head high and smiling face in every situation. I would like to thank entire Haut Monde team for giving me this wonderful opportunity, it is really a great amalgamated feeling of pride, pleasure and privilege.”