Top 10 tips to be the Beauty Pageant Queen

Being in a beauty pageant is not easy and to keep up with the stress of the competition can be gruelling sometimes. Although you lovely ladies are just perfect the way you are, however, if you need to add that flawless element to your look, then we are here!

Believe us we are giving you the best tips and hacks to prepare for your dream project and make your life a little bit easier. So good luck and let us remind you something when you have to achieve more you have to go through some pretty tough stuff!

1. A glow to swoon everyone over.

Beautiful supple skin with the perfect glow and rosy tinge can be achieved naturally. People in historical times used to do it when cosmetic products were not around but how?
According to some dermatologist there are few things which work on every type of skin universally. For instance, drink lots of water to keep your gut clean and acidity free. Also, mud pack once a week keeps your skin away from dirt, pollutants and extra sebum.
There you go girl, enjoy a great skin with these simple tricks!

2. Eat healthy for the unmatched radiance

Ladies when we talk about the food we know your favourites – tangy and spicy cuisine, but just to enhance the best of your beautiful features you need to commit to nutrition over junk.

Eat fruits and vegetables with higher water content to get a radiant skin without much spending on makeup. Plus don’t go on the starvation diet try to take small meals every now and then, this practice metabolism in check and helps to reduce (or maintain) weight easily.
Having a proper and balanced diet during the pageant will leave ever glowing and strikingly beautiful.

3. Regime to kick-start your beautiful journey

Working out is not only for fitness freaks it is also for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The beauty queens from different regions of the world have their own fitness regime. The type of workout depends on your body built plus it depends on the areas you need to concentrate on.

However, most of the beauty pageant expert suggests for strength and weight training to tone up legs and arms. Cardio also covers the major chunk of your fitness session during these preparatory days.

4. Locks to lock everyone’s heart

A beautiful hairstyle can redefine your whole look. The perfect high bun or beautiful braids can enhance your whole appearance plus compliment your beautiful dress and style your hair in which way they should be healthy.

Many hair experts suggest using mild shampoo at the place of anti-dandruff shampoo keeps your hair intact. Oiling and slightly massaging your scalp is like an exercise for your hair roots, greater blood circulation results in beautiful and healthy hair.
So don’t forget to pat your hair with some oil every now and then!

5. The perfect smouldering look

While you are on the stage one thing your makeup should do you for you is to give you a bold and beautiful look. It is a necessity to attain a bolder look but with a subtle touch of sophistication.

Before applying any makeup you should not forget to exfoliate and moisturize your skin, but what is most important thing to remember is choosing the makeup shade correctly. You don’t want to look pale as a ghost and also you don’t want to look like an Oompa Lompa!

6. Much needed elegance and grace

Beauty pageants can be a great platform to experiment with your dressing style and you can always work on increasing it more. However, many pageant groomers swear by this one point dress should be age appropriate. Also, it is not necessary that an expensive gown is going to make you look pretty but a simple and attractive dress according to your body will make you look much alluring.

We give thumbs up to you to mix and match the jewelry you want to carry to complete your look because both chunky jewelry and simple gold & diamond is always welcomed on the runways.

7. Be the perfect smile behind the shutters

Be true to whatever you are presenting on the runway plus whatever you are going to present in the front of judges. Your photographs should not be overly retouched or altered; they should be covering blemishes and skin flaws rather than projecting your false image in front of the pageant community.

To get a perfect picture, understand how lighting and makeup work on your face while getting clicked. The right photographer can also make or break your chance to represent yourself in a pageant or beauty contest.
So prepare yourself for a great photo shoot with these simple hacks!

8. Walk that walk

You will not believe this but your right fitness regime and work out will help in perfecting your ramp walk in a great way. Giving strength to your legs the exercises will help you get a perfect stride while walking in high heels.
Your perfect posture with a straight back and smile on your face does not impart the confidence it will also bowl over the judges in one go.
So don’t forget to shine and smile girl!

9. Knock them over with your words

Your confidence with your intellectual quotient can overcome any hurdle you are going to face in the world of beauty pageants. It is hard to believe but it is surely going to work. A beauty contest is not only about your appealing looks it is also about the overall personalities of the contestants.

So don’t forget to brush up on your communication skills and we promise you girl, you can take over the whole wide world in one go!

10. Be the queen of hearts

While in competition don’t let the jealousy take over you, be courteous and try to enjoy the opportunity you received and make the most out of it. Your perfect smile with the golden heart will not only help you to go through this period of test easily but also going to make you everyone’s favorite.

A happy woman with happy friends can surely take over the world!